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13, are there any devices that interfere with calls when using Bluetooth headsets?

Cordless phones and wireless networking devices and other appliances may interfere with the call. In order to reduce interference, keep the earphones away from other devices that use or generate radio waves.

14, will Bluetooth headphones interfere with electronic devices, radios or computers on the vehicle?

The power of the Bluetooth headset is far less than the ordinary phone, and the headset only signals the international Bluetooth standard, so you don't have to worry about the electronic devices that will interfere with the standard consumption level.

15, headphones have Catton or disconnection when speaking or listening to music.

The Bluetooth headset is as close to the cell phone as possible; the mobile phone should not have metal objects close to the cell phone; please do not cover the Bluetooth with your hand. In order to maintain the continuous stability of the signal, please

16. question: can I use a Bluetooth headset on my cell phone?

Answer: Bluetooth is a universal protocol. Mobile phones are equipped with Bluetooth function. They are usually compatible with phone calls.

17. question: how long is the service life of the Bluetooth headset?

Answer: the service life of the Bluetooth headset is mainly determined by the battery life. The Bluetooth headset usually uses the lithium battery. Usually the life of the lithium battery is about 608 times and again and again. It is about 3 days at a tim

18. Bluetooth 5 is reverse compatible with existing Bluetooth 4.x devices?

Compatible! For all the functions added to Bluetooth 4.1,4.2 and 5, they are negotiable during the BLE connection, which ensures that the Bluetooth 5 device can reliably connect to the old Bluetooth 4.x device and interact with it. In addition to the reve
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