Earphones (Headphones; Head-sets; Earpieces) are a pair of conversion units that receive the signals emitted by the media player or receiver and convert it into audible sound waves using a speaker close to the ear. The headset is generally detachable from the media player and is connected using a plug. The advantage is that you can listen to the sound alone without affecting other people. You can also separate the sound of the surrounding environment and help those who use it in a noisy environment such as recording studios, DJs, trips, and sports. Headphones were originally used for telephones and radios. However, with the prevalence of portable electronic devices, headphones are mostly used for mobile phones, walkmans, radios, portable video games, and digital audio players.

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Shenzhen Bobotel Technology Dev. Co., Ltd. was established in 1998, it is one of the largest professional manufacturers of mobile accessories in China. With 20 years’

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A speaker is a device that transforms audio signals into sound. Popular speaking refers to the speaker host box or subwoofer box body comes with a power amplifier, the audio signal is amplified by the speaker itself to play out the sound, make it louder.

The speaker is the terminal of the entire audio system. Its role is to convert audio energy into corresponding acoustic energy and radiate it into space. It is an extremely important component of the audio system and is responsible for the task of converting electrical signals into acoustic signals for direct listening by human ears.

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